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Brent Ryan

Departmental Research Lecturer

I joined the University of Oxford in 2010 investigating animal and iPSC models of Parkinson's. Since becoming a Departmental Lecturer in 2021, my work has focused on combining new approaches such as post-translational proteomics, Crispr and high-throughput biology to identify new drugs and drug targets for Parkinson’s disease, with a focus on mitochondrial biology and quality control. My team has successfully identified novel targets for Parkinson’s using engineered and patient-derived iPSCs differentiated into dopaminergic neurons using novel post-translational and standard proteomics platforms. My team has also established phenotypic screening platforms in mature patient iPSC-derived neurons, primary rodent neurons and neuroblastoma to exploit proteomics targets and identify novel targets and chemical series’, some of which are being progressed into animal models.

Recent publications