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Meet the Team working in the Oxford GSK Institute of Molecular and Computational Medicine

Shahzad Ahmad

Senior Human Geneticist

Najaf Amin

Associate Professor

Alexis Collins

Clinical Research Fellow

Elizabeth Dellar

Postdoctoral Researcher

Cornelia van Duijn

Professor of Epidemiology

Sarah Elwood

iPSC Specialist

Gayle Garcia

Clinical Research Fellow

David Gordon

Senior Scientist

Karolien Groenewald

Research Fellow

Ludo van Hillegondsberg

Clinical Research Fellow | DPhil Candidate

Michele Hu

Professor of Clinical Neuroscience and Consultant Neurologist

Ayan Ianiello

Senior Data Manager

Anna Lavayssiere

David Lester

Lady Edith Wolfson Fellow

Christopher Maronga

Data Manager

Brian Marsden

Associate Professor, Research Informatics & Data Management

Anand Maurya


Ganesh Mohite

Post-doc (biomarkers)

Kalina Naidoo

Postdoctoral neuronal cell biologist

Isar Nassiri

Senior Spatial Transcriptomics Computational Biologist

Alicia Northall

Post-doc (neuroimaging)

Paolo Piazza

Head of Technology Platforms

Brent Ryan

Departmental Research Lecturer

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